To apply for a film show outside Japan:


The terms and conditions:


1. A disc with English subtitles either in Blue Ray or DVD is available.

Please specify which disc you want to use.


2. A sample disc is available when you plan a show. In case you want a sample disc, please send email or fax below.


3. The cost: ¥25,000 including postage (by EMS).

Please pay the amount in the Japanese yen into the account below:

Name: Essen Communications, Inc.

Bank and branch: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Akasaka branch (branch #609)

Deposit Account#: 0570156


4. After we confirm your payment, we’ll send a disc to arrive 1 week prior to your scheduled show date.

We’d appreciate it if you return the disc at your own within a week after the show.


5. The greatest care must be taken in handling the disc.

In case the disc is damaged in anyway, you may have to compensate for the actual expenses. Thank you for understanding.


6. When you have questions, please contact us by email or fax:

Email: Fax: 03-3523-0212 (Japan)